Morocco : The unmissible Cities

Presentation :

Morocco is a tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors each year thanks to the diversity of its landscapes and its history as well as the hospitality of its citizens. In fact, Morocco offers a range of tourism products and a wide choice of destinations according to the points of interest of each of its visitors.

You are lloking for the cultural and historical side ? The imperial cities meet your requirements perfectly. A visit to the alleys of its Medinas, its souks and its monuments will satisfy your thirst.

You love nature and change of sceneries ? nothings beats a trip through Morocco. You will have the opportunity to discover different landscapes by crossing the Atlas mountain ranges to reach the south of the country, a privileged places for lovers of desert landscapes and sand dunes.

All this without forgetting the legendary moroccan hospitality and the cultural wealth that will make your trip unforgettable.

We will list below our selection of cities not to be missed during your trip to Morocco.

Marrakech : The Ocher City

Going to Marrakech is more than a simple vacation; it’s a journey through time. The ocher city is rich in momnuments that have marked its history. They were built in different periods by different dynasties.

The Souks of Marrakech, more than a place for shopping, it’s a way of life, a discoveri of Ali Baba’s caves. Divided into several quarters according to nature of the goods displayed in the shops and stands. A real labyrinth for visitors, more than 40000 artisans are grouped there by profession and the offer us the opportunity to appreciate their know-how. A set of 18 sub-souks ranging froms that of slippers to that of carpets, ironworkers, cabinetmakers, copper sculptors, spices sellers…

The city of Marrakech is not just an old Medina and souks, it’s also a place of joy of life wih its lush gardens or its new trendy city, its luxury boutiques, its restaurants run by great international chefs. Without forgetting a great nightlife in its discotheques, bars and casinos.

Fez : Home of Culture

Without a doubt, Fez is by far the most beautiful of the imperial cities in Morocco. Classified by UNESCO a a world heritage, its old fortified Medina with its historical monuments, its unique and authetic architecture make it a must-see during the culural journeys of Morocco.

It’s known to be the spiritual and cultural capital of the country. The visit will take you back in time to discover the historic monuments of the city such as the Medersa (Koranic Schools), the karaouyne mosque considered to be the oldest universty of the world, museums….

Fez is also a workshop city. It’s home to thousands of artisans who manufacture all kinds of typical products. The souks are organizd by type of goods offered to visitors. The best knowns are : Souk Attaryne, Souk Serrajines, Souk Nejjarines, Souk Jeld…

Essaouira : City of Artists and Musicians

Essaouira, a small town on the Atlantic Ocean which has preserved its authenticity over time. It’s also known under the name of « Mogador » because of its portuguese origins. The city offers its visitors the opportunity to take endless walks on a place classified by the UNESCO as humanity heritage : LA MEDINA.

The atmosphere is relaxed, its authetic alleys, houses painted white with blue shutters, its spectacular port with and incredible atmosphere, its sandy beach and easily reachable from the Medina, its ramparts and its Sqala which shows the portuguese origins of the city….Are all essential factors in giving Essaouira its tourist aspect and give visitors reasons to visit it.

The nightlife of the city is so special, during your walk, a sho of bands of local musicians will be offered to you in the main square or in the various restaurants or cafés.

Chefchaouen : The Blue Pearl

Located in the heart of the Rif mountains and not far from the Mediterranean coast, Chefchaouen is a charming and small town that offers a total change od scenery to its visitors by the singularirty of the colors of its Medina.

Painted in blue by former jewish refugees over the past century, it has retained its authenticity. The beauty of its landscapes and mountain atmosphere as well as the contrast of its colors make this small town one of the most rammed destinations in Morocco.

The city is also known for its crafts and more precisely the weaving of wool to make the famous Djellabas of Chefchaouen. It’s also renowned for its gastronomy, which has given it the right to be included in the intangible heritage of UNESCO, thanks to its Mediterranean diet.

Agadir : The White City

On the Atlantic coast and more precisely in the region of Souss, Agadir welcomes its visitors. It disputes the name of the first tourist pole of the kingdom with Marrakech.

In any case, it’s the largest seaside reseort of Morocco. Agadir can claim to be spoiled by nature. Wit hits mild climate, its long nady beach, its innumerable hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos, parks…It has all the assents to reign in this field.

Long days by its beach or the swimingpools of its hotels, long lively nights make the city ideal place for sun lovers.

Agadir is also synonymous with escape. The discovery of the hinterland will allow you to satisfy your thirst for nature. The Souss natural park will give you the opportunity to discover exceptional flora and fauna. Do not hesitate to go through the tourist circuits of the regions to discover the many facets of the city: Culture, gastronomy, festivals, natural sites…